Protective Insurance Company, in an article accessed on Mar. 27, 2018, "Understanding Living Wills," available at, stated:

“A living will is a legal document that informs doctors and medical caregivers what medical care you want if you are unable to communicate due to an accident, severe illness, dementia or coma. It also guides your family to make decisions about sustaining your quality of life that you would agree with. For example, it can specify if you want pain medication, to die at home or in a hospital, and when to cease heroic efforts to keep you alive. Again, check your state regulations and visit the American Bar Association for template forms and additional resources.

Why do I need a living will?

You want your wishes to be recorded in writing, not left to others’ discretion. Your loved ones will be under duress and may not remember – or agree with – what you wish to take place. A living will spares your family the heartache of guessing what to do and protects you from receiving more medical care than you want, such as ventilator support or IV feeding for long periods of timeā€¦

While it can be challenging to think through these important choices, it can also be a life enriching process for you and your family. And, you can be comforted by the knowledge that you cared enough to protect their peace of mind during a very difficult time of life.”

Mar. 27, 2018