Daniel A. Beals, MD, Associate Professor of Surgery at the University of Kentucky, wrote in a Mar. 24, 2005 posting titled "The Groningen Protocol: Making Infanticide Legal Does Not Make it Moral," published on the website of the Center for Bioethics and Human Diginity:

“In healthcare, we must safeguard the rights of the disabled. This is even more important when dealing with children: they cannot speak for themselves and parents are in a particularly vulnerable position. These children should be treated with special concern, to find every way to help them have fulfilling lives, not with distain, dismissing their lives as not worth living. I certainly can see how the authors would like to correct ‘misunderstandings’ about their protocol. One thing is not misunderstood: this is a blood-chilling crime against a helpless population. No amount of legal correctness will ever make this a moral decision. The fact that most of these cases of infant euthanasia are not reported only confirms that the practitioners themselves know this is wrong and should be concealed.”

Mar. 24, 2005