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Nov. 29, 2017 – Victoria Becomes First Australian State to Legalize Physician-Assisted Suicide and Limited Euthanasia

“The Australian state of Victoria on Wednesday became the country’s first to legalize assisted dying.

After a two and a half years of debate and amendments, Victoria’s Lower House ratified the euthanasia bill, handing a victory to the state government of Premier Daniel Andrews, who had lobbied heavily for the law.

Starting in mid-2019, the law will allow Victorians with a terminal, incurable illness — and, in most cases, a life expectancy of less than six months — to obtain a lethal drug within 10 days of requesting it…

Victoria’s amendments to the law make it more restrictive than those passed elsewhere. For instance, it allows a drug to be administered on behalf of a patient only if the patient is unable to administer it. Additionally, a patient needs to have been a resident of Victoria for at least one year to be eligible.”