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Apr. 12, 2019 – New Jersey Legalizes Physician-Assisted Suicide

“Gov. Phil Murphy signed the Medical Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill Act on Friday [Apr. 12, 2019], which will allow ‘New Jersey adults to end their lives peacefully, with dignity, and at their own discretion,’ according to a press release from the governor’s office.

The law will go into effect on Aug. 1.

The law will permit terminally ill adult patients living in New Jersey the right to obtain and self-administer medication to end their lives, according to the release. In order for the patient to get the medication, doctors must determine that he or she has a life expectancy of six months or less, has the capacity to make health care decisions, and is acting voluntarily…

One in five Americans now live in locations where the option is available, according to Death With Dignity, an organization that promotes laws that allow dying individuals to end their own lives.”