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Washington State Hospital Association Biography

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“The first hospital in the Pacific Northwest was founded in 1858 at Fort Vancouver in the Washington Territory. With the support of 16 women, whose husbands were employed by the Hudson Bay Company, Mother Joseph of the Sisters of Providence established the hospital in a small cabin. Care was provided regardless of ability to pay. Mother Joseph periodically visited the logging and mining camps nearby to raise funds. Today, there are 98 community hospitals in Washington State.

The Washington State Hospital Association is a membership organization representing community hospitals and several health-related organizations. The association provides issues management and analysis, information, advocacy and other services. Most recently, the membership developed the Health Work Force Institute to expand the labor work force for health institutions, and in 2005 launched the Patient Safety program to help hospitals improve patient safety by supporting the adoption of common, evidence-based protocols that have been proven to save lives. WSHA works to improve the health of the people of the state by becoming involved in all matters affecting the delivery, quality, accessibility, affordability and continuity of health care.

As health care continues to be of vital importance for our communities, the mission of the state’s first hospital and those that followed continues to be stronger than ever.

We care for the people who need us.”

“About WSHA,” Washington State Hospital Association website (accessed Oct. 31, 2011)


[Editor’s Note: On Oct. 31, 2011, the Washington State Hospital Association (WSHA) reported in a phone interview with that any licensed doctor in Washington State may choose to engage in end-of-life procedures. They said that no additional license or certification is required.]

“Mission Statement

The Washington State Hospital Association advocates on behalf of and supports its members in achieving their missions and improving the health of their communities.

Vision Statement

Washington’s hospitals and health systems effectively collaborate to be national leaders ensuring access to safe, high quality, cost-effective health care.

Strategic Goals

  • Challenge members to fundamentally transform the health care delivery system to reliably provide safe, high quality, and cost-effective care
  • Advocate that all Washington residents have access to health care.
  • Lead efforts to achieve zero preventable deaths, injuries, and infections.
  • Promote the viability and vitality of the statewide health care delivery system.
  • Improve the availability of skilled, well-trained, diverse, and productive health care professionals to serve the health care needs of our communities.
  • Improve the health of the population in Washington State while maintaining or reducing the cost per capita and improving the patient experience.”

“Mission and Vision,” Washington State Hospital Association website, July 30, 2011

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