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University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) Biography

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“The UMCG is the only university medical center in the northern part of the Netherlands, and therefore the final point of referral for many patients.

Patients go to the UMCG for basic care as well as highly specialist top clinical and top reference care, such as organ transplants, complex neuro-surgery, neonatology, clinical genetics, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), pediatric oncology, renal dialysis and traumatology. All medical specialties are represented, as well as education programs for all medical disciplines. The final assessment of the specific disorder a patient is suffering from, is usually a matter of research. Especially when that disorder is rare, hard to diagnose and difficult to treat. The eight Dutch university medical centers, like the UMCG, have been appointed to render this top reference care. However, not every disease can be cured. That is why the UMCG devotes much attention to chronic diseases, pain relief, and palliative care. How to live with limitations – whether due to illness or disability – has to be learnt. After an illness or accident, rehabilitation is often necessary. The UMCG also provides this service. Research and development are combined with many years of practical experience in the Center for Rehabilitation…

The more than 8500 employees and 1300 beds make the UMCG one of the largest hospitals in The Netherlands. It is sometimes called ‘a city inside a city’, because of the architecture, with covered streets that lead to the nursing units and outpatients clinics. Moreover, thousands of employees provide numerous services to even a greater number of patients and visitors. Each year, many symposia are organized in the hospital, with participants from abroad. There are shops, a branch of one of the national banks, gardens, as well as lunchrooms, in order to make patients less aware that they are in a hospital. This philosophy has led to a hospital that is unique in Europe.”

University Medical Center Groningen website (accessed on May 30, 2007)


“The UMCG’s philosophy with regard to patient care extends beyond the hospital’s walls. The various aspects of care should be finely tuned to one another, and the UMCG takes this responsibility seriously.”

University Medical Center Groningen website (accessed on May 30, 2007)

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