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None Found to the question "Should Euthanasia or Physician-Assisted Suicide Be Legal?"

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TIME has set the standard for leadership, authenticity and authoritative journalism since 1923. Analytical and insightful, lively and engaging, TIME remains the unequivocal leader among newsmagazines and it is the publication more readers choose than any other newsmagazine.

With its enormous brand strength and diverse multi-media assets, TIME brings businesses more opportunities for creating full-circle messaging to reach millions of consumers.

Everything else is optional – TIME is essential.”

“TTIMEime Magazine: U.S.,” (accessed Oct. 29, 2007)


“Because of the blizzard of information out there, there is not only a need but a hunger for one brand to make sense of it all. TIME is the guide through chaos. TIME converts information into knowledge, confusion into clarity.”

“TIME Magazine: U.S.,” (accessed Oct. 29, 2007)

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