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Robert Vander Stichele, MD Biography

Professor of the Heymans Institute of Pharmacology at the University of Ghent
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Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Professor, Heymans Institute of Pharmacology, University of Ghent
  • Practicing family physician, Ghent, Belgium
  • Senior Researcher, Centre for Evidence Based Medicine, Belgian Branch of the Cochrane Collaboration, Ghent University
  • Senior Researcher, Guidelines for End-of-life decisions, Ghent University, Department of Philosophy
  • Coordinator of Information Technology Applications, Belgian Centre of Pharmacotherapeutic Information, Brussels
  • Network Coordinator, European Surveillance of Antimicrobial Consumption, Departement of Microbiology, University of Antwerp, Mar. 2002-Jan. 2004
  • Senior Researcher, Health Technology Assessment, Heymans Institute of Pharmacology and the Belgian Supreme Council for Health Care, Brussels, July 1996 – July 2000
  • Research Coordinator, Drug Utilization Review, Heymans Institute of Pharmacology, Ghent University, Oct. 1995-June 1996
  • Research Coordinator of the Institute of Pharmaco-epidemiology of Belgium, Brussels, Jan. 1995-Sep. 1995
  • Coordinator of the Meta-analysis Project, Heymans Institute of Pharmacology, Ghent University, Sep. 1993-Dec. 1994
  • Chief coordinator of the Belgian Patient Package Insert Evaluation Program, Heymans Institute of Pharmacology, Ghent University, Mar. 1988-Aug. 1993
  • Proofreader of Patient Package Inserts for the Pharmaceutical Inspection of the Belgian Department of Health, Dec. 1987-Jan. 1991
  • Special Advisor to the Belgian State Secretary of Health on biomedical ethical issues and medication information policy, Feb. 1986-Nov. 1987
  • Chief coordinator of the educational research program “Bibliographic Instruction for Family Physicians,” Department of Adult Education, State University of Ghent, Jan. 1984 – Dec. 1985
  • MD, State University of Ghent and Free University of Brussels, Belgium, 1977
  • Member of the Board, European Drug Utilization Research Group, 1996-present
  • Member of the Board, Belgian Society of Pharmaco-epidemiology, 1995-present
  • Editorial Board, Patient Education and Counseling, 1994-present
  • Acting Secretary General, Institute of Pharmacoepidemiology of Belgium, 1990-1995
  • Coordinator, Medical Subject Headings Dutch Translation Program, Institute of Translators and Interpretors, Ghent, Belgium, 1988-present
  • Acting Secretary General, Flemish Research Institute of Family Medicine, 1985-1995
  • Coordinator, European Directory of Medical Libraries Program, European Association of Health Information and Libraries, 1989-1990
  • Reviewer for Patient Education and Counseling, British Journal of General Practice, Annals of Pharmacotherapy, Postmarketing Surveillance: the International Journal of Pharmacoepidemiology
  • Upjohn Award for best Flemish general practice research article in the international literature, 1992