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None Found to the question "Should Euthanasia or Physician-Assisted Suicide Be Legal?"

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“ReligionFacts is an objective guide and does not promote any one religion or belief system nor even a particular view of religion. Our only ‘value statements’ are these: (1) religion is interesting; (2) knowledge is good. These two opinions led to the creation of ReligionFacts in 2004. Other than that, we aim to keep our opinions to ourselves and give you the facts in the most unbiased and objective manner possible.” (accessed May 16, 2007)


“The goal of this website is to provide free, reliable information — ‘just the facts’ — on the various answers that have been given to these near-universal questions, as well as the rituals and customs that go along with them. This very broad definition means that we have articles on a wide variety of world religions, both ancient and modern, as well as ‘ways of life,’ philosophies and mind-body teachings, and even some anti-religion systems like ancient Epicureanism and modern atheism.” (accessed May 16, 2007)

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