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Con to the question "Should Euthanasia or Physician-Assisted Suicide Be Legal?"

“[T]he government should not have the right to give one group of people (e.g. doctors) the power to directly and intentionally end the lives of another group of people (e.g. their patients)… Laws against euthanasia and assisted suicide are in place to prevent abuse and to protect people from unscrupulous doctors and others…

While changes in laws have transformed euthanasia and/or assisted suicide from crimes into ‘medical treatments’ in some jurisdictions, the reality has not changed – patients are dying from lethal doses of drugs that are prescribed or administered by doctors. Ending one’s own life is suicide. Ending the life of another person is homicide.”

“FAQs,” (accessed Mar. 27, 2017)


“The Patients Rights Council is committed to the principle that you have the right to know all the facts about the critical issues of life, death, and assisted suicide. Few issues are as important as the compassionate treatment and care for those who are most vulnerable.”

“About the Patients Rights Council,” (accessed Mar. 27, 2017)


“Our primary responsibility is to offer understanding and practical support to those who are facing critical situations for themselves or a loved one.

Our second responsibility is to provide the public with rational, factual information about the results of doctor-prescribed suicide and euthanasia.”

“About the Patients Rights Council,” (accessed Mar. 27, 2017)

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