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Ohr Somayach Tanenbaum College Biography

Con to the question "Should Euthanasia or Physician-Assisted Suicide Be Legal?"

“Jewish law forbids euthanasia in all forms, and is considered an act of homicide. The life of a person is not ‘his’ – rather, it belongs to the One Who granted that life. It may be therefore be reclaimed only by the true Owner of that life. Despite one’s noble intentions, an act of mercy-killing is flagrant intervention into a domain that transcends this world.”

“Ask! – Your Jewish Information Resource: The Jewish View on Euthanasia,” (accessed Oct. 16, 2009)


“For more than 30 years, Ohr Somayach has been instilling Jewish pride in university students the hard way- through knowledge…

Somayach, based in Jerusalem, gives Diaspora youth coming to Israel in search of their roots a chance to experience Jewish learning in their own language, at their own pace and at an intellectual level that rivals and surpasses that of the Ivy League universities from which many have come. In its battle against Jewish ignorance, Ohr Somayach has targeted outstanding college students and graduates- who are accomplished in secular studies, but have never found a comparable level of excellence in Jewish studies. Ohr Somayach’s exceptional staff includes scholars who are former professors at leading universities in the United States and who are as conversant in Kant and Hegel as they are in Maimonides. They teach basic Talmud skills to small groups, offer individual counseling to young people at a crossroads in their lives, and address the ‘big picture’ issues that so preoccupy college students in their quest for meaning.

“Introduction,” (accessed Oct. 19, 2009)


“Educating Jews whom no synagogue or movement will ever find.”

“About Ohr Somayach,” (accessed Oct. 19, 2009)

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