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Pro to the question "Should Euthanasia or Physician-Assisted Suicide Be Legal?"

“This is the extraordinary year when, after so many earlier defeats, the Legislature and the governor [CA Governor Jerry Brown] finally made end-of-life decisions possible for the people of this state… But this signing stands out not only because it offers a choice to so many people but because the adoption of such an important law in a state this big gives a big boost to efforts elsewhere.

There’s little reason to think that ending one’s life early will become the new norm in California. That isn’t what has happened in Oregon, whose 20-year-old law served as the model for this legislation. People there have exercised this option sparingly — in the hundreds, not the thousands, over all those years. The law there has not been abused; patients have not been pressured to take their own lives; there are no signs of any form of malpractice or indications that the families of terminally ill patients regretted having had this option available.

But Brown put his finger on it when it came to the most important reason to feel at ease about the bill: People might not know what they would do faced with this kind of prognosis. Many Oregonians who asked for and received their prescriptions never actually used them. But that doesn’t mean they weren’t grateful to have the choice. We should not deny that choice to others, and now California no longer will.”

“Gov. Brown Was Correct about the Right-to-Die Bill,”, Oct. 5, 2015


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