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Felicia Nimue Ackerman, PhD Biography

Professor of Philosophy at Brown University
Not Clearly Pro or Con to the question "Should Euthanasia or Physician-Assisted Suicide Be Legal?"

“I have not tried to decide between positions 1 [Physician-assisted suicide should be legally available to all competent adults] and 3 [Physician-assisted suicide should be legally available to no one]. Each has a respectable philosophical outlook behind it. Many ethicists have defended position 3. Position 1, however, deserves more consideration than it has received.”

“Assisted Suicide, Terminal Illness, Severe Disability, and the Double Standard,” Physician Assisted Suicide: Expanding the Debate, 1998

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Professor of Philosophy, Brown University
  • Editorial Board, Philosophy and Phenomonlogical Research, 2003-Present
  • O. Henry Award for short story, “The Forecasting Game,” which deals with end-of life issues, 1990
  • Fellow at Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences/National Endowment for the Humanities Fellow, 1988-89
  • Senior Fulbright Lecturer in Philosophy, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jan.-June 1985
  • Visiting Honorary Lecturer in Logic and Metaphysics, University of St. Andrews, Scotland, Jan.-June 1983
  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy, UCLA, Jan.-June 1976
  • PhD, Philosophy, University of Michigan, 1976
  • AB, summa cum laude, Philosophy, Cornell University, 1968
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Quoted in:
  1. Should Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide Be Extended to People Who Are Not Terminally Ill?