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Federal Office of Justice of Switzerland Biography

Not Clearly Pro or Con to the question "Should Euthanasia or Physician-Assisted Suicide Be Legal?"

“Switzerland’s laws that prohibit killing continue to apply in full. Direct, active euthanasia (deliberate killing in order to end the suffering of another person) is therefore also forbidden. By contrast, both indirect, active euthanasia (the use of means having side-effects that may shorten life) and passive euthanasia (rejecting or discontinuing life-prolonging measures) – while not governed by any specific statutory provisions – are not treated as criminal offences provided certain conditions are fulfilled. No legislative action is needed with regard to these three forms of euthanasia. Legal restrictions and a ban on organised assisted suicide are nonetheless open to debate.”

“Euthanasia,” (accessed Feb. 24, 2010)


“The Federal Office of Justice (FOJ) is an agency of the Federal Department of Justice and Police.

The FOJ is responsible for legislative matters pertaining to constitutional and administrative law, private law and criminal law. It functions as an adviser to the rest of the Swiss government in all legislative matters and drafts advisory opinions. Being a supervisory agency, it oversees the commercial register, the civil status register and the land register as well as the acquisition of real estate by persons residing outside of Switzerland.

At the international level the FOJ represents Switzerland before the European Court of Human Rights and in numerous international organizations. In addition, it is the central authority in cases involving international child abduction and cooperates with national and international authorities in matters involving legal assistance and extradition.

At the national level the FOJ prepares the draft decrees addressed to the Federal Council in matters involving administrative appeals.”

“Task,” (accessed Feb. 24, 2010)


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