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Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary Biography

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“The first dictionary in the Dorland’s line, the American Pocket Medical Dictionary, edited by W.A. Newman Dorland, AM, MD, was first published in 1898 and was a small volume just over 500 pages long…In 1900, while he was Associate Professor at the Polyclinic Hospital in Philadelphia, [Dorland] was invited to participate in the compilation of the first edition of what was then the American Illustrated Medical Dictionary, which title the book bore until the 23rd edition, the first following his death, when it was retitled Dorland’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary in acknowledgment of the fact that over the years it had become familiar to students and practitioners alike as Dorland’s…

The information contained in the dictionaries has, of course, changed considerably since the late 19th and early 20th centuries. No longer are dosages for drugs given (especially not in drams!). Nor does the new 31st edition contain an entry for Keeley cure (‘a proprietary method of treatment for the alcohol and opium habits by means of gold chlorid’-and yes, ‘chlorid’ was the correct spelling at the time). The first edition contains no entry for the just developing specialty ‘immunology.’ Moreover, as the content has changed, so has the means of keeping it, moving from the time-honored card files to a full-fledged electronic content management system that allows us to update huge amounts of material across multiple print and electronic products with a minimum of effort.”

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“So many words…(in) so little time!”

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