Terry Youk, brother of Thomas Youk, a Lou Gehrig's Disease sufferer whose videotaped euthanasia by Dr. Kevorkian prompted Kevorkian's 1999 first-degree murder trial and conviction, stated in a Feb. 25, 2009 CBS News Online interview:

“I of course felt that Jack [Kevorkian] never should have gone to prison I don’t believe that the medical service that he provided my brother and others is a crime. I think people look back and see that Jack was the only person that was willing to stand up during a divisive time and fight for what should be a right for all human beings to have choices at the end of their life.

I think Jack provided for people that had fallen through the cracks of the health care system a way to die with some peace and dignity. Ultimately, Jack Kevorkian was our only option…

I am very grateful to Jack Kevorkian. I feel like he was a compassionate practitioner for my brother at the end of his life.”

Feb. 25, 2009