Ben White, DPhil, Professor of Law at Queensland University of Technology, Lindy Willmott, PhD, LLM, Professor of Law at the Queensland University of Technology, and Robert Douglas, MD, Emeritus Professor at Australian National University, in a May. 7, 2013 article, "Safe Assisted Dying Laws Are Possible, So Let's Make Them," available at the, stated:

“But a body of international experience with assisted dying regimes has emerged since, including legislation in Oregon (1997) and the Netherlands and Belgium (2002). Although there have been critiques of these regimes and how they operate, there’s now a body of reputable empirical evidence that concludes they’re generally operating as designed and within the scope of relevant laws.

So concerns about widespread abuse of voluntary euthanasia and assisted suicide laws appear to be unfounded…

Paying attention to the interests of the elderly and disabled people actually ensures we use appropriate eligibility criteria in the legislation. And that those criteria are supported by robust procedural safeguards as well as effective and independent oversight mechanisms.”

May 7, 2013