Wesley J. Smith, JD, Senior Fellow in Human Rights and Bioethics at the Discovery Institute in a July 21, 2017 article, "Putting Infants 'Down Like Dogs,'" available at, stated:

“We should empathize with [Gary] Comstock in his grief [over the death of his infant son]. But emotion must not tempt us to reject the venerable principles of human exceptionalism. Babies—even those with dire prospects—are precious human beings whose lives have intrinsic dignity and inherent moral value beyond that of any nonhuman.

Acceptance of Comstock’s premise—that parents should kill babies who are ‘likely to die’—would be culturally catastrophic. It would lead to the legalization of murder. At Nuremberg, the German infanticide program was deemed a crime against humanity. Let’s not abandon that wisdom.”

July 21, 2017