Robert Beezer, LLB, Judge on the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, in his 1996 dissenting opinion in Compassion in Dying v. Washington, stated:

“Constitutional protection for a right to assisted suicide might spawn pressure on the elderly and infirm–but still happily alive–to ‘die and get out of the way.’ Also at risk are the poor and minorities, who have been shown to suffer more pain (i.e. they receive less treatment for their pain) than other groups… Further, like the elderly and infirm, they, as well as the handicapped, are at risk of being unwanted and subjected to pressure to choose physician-assisted suicide rather than continued treatment…

The poor, the elderly, the disabled and minorities are all at risk from undue pressure to commit physician-assisted suicide, either through direct pressure or through inadequate treatment of their pain and suffering. They cannot be adequately protected by procedural safeguards, if the Dutch experience is any indication. The only way to achieve adequate protection for these groups is to maintain a bright-line rule against physician-assisted suicide.”