RMIT ABC (Australia) Fact Check, in a Feb. 22, 2018 article, "Fact Check: Has Assisted Dying Been a Legal Slippery Slope Overseas?," available at, stated:

“In most jurisdictions where assisted dying has been legalised, little has changed regarding what practices are allowed or who can access assisted dying.

There have been some changes, such as in Belgium, where ‘competent minors’ can now request euthanasia.

In the Netherlands, doctors have published guidelines for providing euthanasia to severely disabled newborns. Though these guidelines may help doctors avoid jail, the practice itself remains illegal…

Canada’s framework is still new and may yet evolve as it is challenged in the courts.
But despite pressure for change in the United States, there has been no further liberalisation in any of the five states involved. This includes Oregon, where the system has been operating since 1997.

Despite these few changes, legal experts contacted by Fact Check agreed there was no evidence of restrictions being increasingly loosened.”

Feb. 22, 2018