Joseph Pozzuolo, JD, Partner at Pozzuolo & Perkiss, Lisa Lassoff, JD, Associate at Reed Smith and Jamie Valentine, JD, Associate at Pozzuolo & Perkiss wrote in their article, "Why Living Wills/Advance Directives Are an Essential Part of Estate Planning," that appeared in the Sep. 2005 issue of the Journal of Financial Service Professionals:

“Living wills can be used to refuse extraordinary, life-prolonging care and are effective in providing clear and convincing evidence that may be necessary under state statutes to refuse care after one becomes terminally ill.

A recent Pennsylvania case shows the power a living will can have. In that case, a Bucks County man was not given a feeding tube, even though his wife requested he receive one, because his living will, executed seven years prior, clearly stated that he did ‘not want tube feeding or any other artificial invasive form of nutrition’…

A living will provides clear and convincing evidence of one’s wishes regarding end-of-life care.”

Sep. 2005