Peter Kavanagh, LLB, Australian politician and former member of the Victorian Legislative Council, in a Nov. 13, 2010 News Weekly article, "Opinion: Why We Should Not Legalize Euthanasia," available at the Newsweekly website, stated:

“Legalising euthanasia would have a wide range of profoundly detrimental effects. It would diminish the protection offered to the lives of all. It would allow the killing of people who do not genuinely volunteer to be killed, and any safeguards, although initially observed, would inevitably weaken over time.

There would be other long-term consequences of legalising euthanasia that we cannot yet envisage. We can be sure that these consequences would be pernicious, however, because they would emanate from an initiative which, while nobly motivated, is wrong in principle – attempting to deal with the problems of human beings by killing them.”

Nov. 13, 2010