Margaret Somerville, LLB, DCL, Law and Medicine Professor and Founding Director of the Centre for Medicine, Ethics, and Law at McGill University, in her Feb. 14, 2014 Globe and Mail article, "Why Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide Must Remain Legally Prohibited," stated:

“Whatever one’s views in that regard, respect for life (a preferable term to sanctity of life to avoid religious connotations and associations) is not just a religious value, it’s a foundational value of all societies in which reasonable people would want to live, as the Charter of Rights recognizes. It is foundational to what German philosopher Jurgen Habermas calls ‘the ethics of the [human] species’ and I call ‘human ethics’, which must guide secular societies such as Canada…

Those who see all humans as having dignity just because they are human, believe that respect for life requires that we do not intentionally kill another human being or help them to kill themselves, which means that euthanasia and assisted suicide must remain legally prohibited.”

Feb. 14, 2014