Carrie Gordon Earll, Vice President of Government and Public Policy of Focus on the Family, in the article, "What Are Advance Medical Directives?," available at, accessed on Mar. 28, 2018, stated:

“The ‘Living Will’ Declaration is discouraged… for the following reasons…

It is a vague statement generally stating that a physician may withold or withdraw treatment if you are terminally ill or unconscious

It is a piece of paper medical professionals may choose to ignore or often misinterpret.

It can give blanket authority to a doctor you may or may not know, which is a serious concern in these days of managed care

It attempts to predict your preferences in often complex medical situations you cannot foresee by offering a narrow list of options that may be used to prohibit treatment you would want in a certain circumstance.

It allows ‘treatment’ to be defined by state law; in many states, medically assisted nutrition and hydration is considered medical treatment.

It may be used to justify the removal of life-sustaining interventions (ventilators, feeding tubes, etc.) for patients who are disabled, but not dying.”

Mar. 28, 2018