David Goodall, PhD, DSc, the 104-year-old Australian former botanist and ecologist who chose to end his life via voluntary euthanasia in a Swiss clinic on May 10, 2018, in an interview prior to his death, quoted by Helena Bachmann and Doug Stanglin in the article, "David Goodall, 104, Takes Final Journey at Swiss Assisted-Suicide Clinic," available at, stated:

“Up to the age of 90 I was enjoying life, but not now. It has passed me by, and I have done the best I can with it. My abilities and eyesight are declining, and I no longer want to live this way. I am happy to have this opportunity [physician-assisted suicide], which I call the Swiss option. I hope something positive will come out of my story and that other countries will adopt a more liberal view of assisted suicide. I’d like to be remembered as an instrument for freeing the elderly to choose their own death.”

May 10, 2018