Craig Wallace, Convenor of Lives Worth Living, in a Sep. 26, 2017 article, "Euthanasia a Choice for People with Disability? It's a Threat to Our Lives," available at, stated:

“We have cause to be concerned about perverse outcomes if euthanasia is adopted in Australia. In some countries where it has been introduced euthanasia has been offered to people with mental illness, people with dementia, twin brothers who were deaf, and even a woman with severe tinnitus…

Until every person with disability has equal access to screening, prevention and treatment in our health system, suicide prevention resources, and meaningful alternatives to ending it all, offering us euthanasia isn’t an act of generous equality. It’s our Hobson’s choice – a fake, cruel one-way exit for vulnerable people locked out of basic healthcare and other social and community infrastructure that others take for granted.”

Sep. 26, 2017