Annette Childs, PhD, psychotherapist, in a May 18, 2017 article, "Nevada's Death with Dignity Bill Would Ease Fears: Annette Childs," available at, stated:

“I am a passionate advocate of Death with Dignity type legislation. A passionate advocate not because I believe we should be rushing people off to the grave or because I do not respect the sanctity of life. My strong advocacy comes from knowing what a powerful medicine a sense of control over one’s destiny imparts. In today’s world of palliative medicine, physical suffering at the end of life can very often be avoided. But there is another type of suffering, which in my viewpoint, is even worse. It is called anticipatory suffering, and it includes the depression and anxiety that accompanies fear of death and fear of what is believed to be the inevitable suffering that comes with end of life. Death is perhaps the most personal intimate event of any lifetime — and fear is a horrible form of suffering. For those who fear a prolonged and/or suffering death, this type of legislation provides a potent medicine. Opponents focus on the actual end of life medications and how they could be misused, when the thing we may be better served to focus on is the placebo effect that occurs for those who never take the medications — but find their suffering relieved by the simple knowing that they have a choice.”

May 18, 2017