Amir Attaran, LLB, DPhil, MS, Professor of Law and Medicine at the University of Ottawa, in a Nov. 13, 2015 article, "Doctors Can't Refuse to Help a Patient Die--No Matter What They Say," available at, stated

“I think the CMA’s [Canadian Medical Association] position is cowardly and stupid. If physicians are not duty-bound to assist patients with what the [Canadian] Court pointedly labeled “physician-assisted dying“, then who does the CMA think should be obliged to help — elves, maybe? And while it is great for doctors to provide information and options, that is but a small part of what society trains and licenses them to do.
Granted, some doctors conscientiously object to assisted dying — but if the situation arises, they cannot refuse to help their patients access what is now part of the legal standard of care.”

Nov. 13, 2015