Iowa Laws on Assisted Suicide
Iowa Code Sections 707A.1, 707A.2, and 707A.3

707A.1 Definitions.

As used in this chapter, unless the context otherwise requires:

1. "Licensed health care professional" means a physician and surgeon, podiatric physician, osteopathic physician and surgeon, physician assistant, nurse, dentist, or pharmacist required to be licensed under chapter 147.

2. "Suicide" means the act or instance of taking a person's own life voluntarily and intentionally.

707A.2 Assisting suicide.

A person commits a class "C" felony if the person intentionally or knowingly assists, solicits, or incites another person to commit or attempt to commit suicide, or participates in a physical act by which another person commits or attempts to commit suicide.

707A.3 Acts or omissions not considered assisting suicide.

1. A licensed health care professional who administers, prescribes, or dispenses medications or who performs or prescribes procedures to relieve another person's pain or discomfort, even if the medication or procedure may hasten or increase the risk of death, does not violate section 707A.2 unless the medications or procedures are intentionally or knowingly administered, prescribed, or dispensed with the primary intention of causing death.

2. A licensed health care professional who withholds or withdraws a life-sustaining procedure in compliance with chapter 144A or 144B does not violate section 707A.2.

Source: Iowa Legislature, "Iowa Law 2011 Merged Iowa Code," (accessed Nov. 7, 2012)